Fifth, From the Journal

The simplest thing in this world for me is reading in solitude. I enjoy reading whatever interests me. I read books; I read articles; I read people’s long posts on Facebook and Instagram. I like reading in the early hours of the day, in the heated time of the afternoon, and turning pages in the nights of the chilliest winters. Reading books have taught me to be patient in life and not be hyper-reactive. Reading has helped to realise that to be happy in every moment; one first has to observe then react because the reverse doesn’t work.


Fourth, From the Journal

Learn to like things that don’t cost much. Those are the things to appreciate in your life. You know that you like gazing at the open blue sky more than anything else. You know that you love the rainy days and the warmth of early spring…

Every language is beautiful because it expresses peoples emotions. Without languages, we humans won’t be as special as we are. In every language, some words soothe us. I admire languages; I admire them as much as I admire humans’ affable emotions. English is one of the most spoken languages of…

  • In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.

❤ If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.

❤ In the end, we all will become stories.

❤ We understand more than we know.

❤ There is more than one kind of freedom…Freedom to and freedom from.

❤ A word after a word after word is Power.

Thoughts come.

Some are fascinating,

Some are troubling.

And thoughts leave.

Sounds come.

pleasant, unpleasant,

And those joyful and painful screeds.

And then sounds leave.

Sights come.

Sometimes memorable, sometimes entertaining,

Rarely traumatic.

And sights leave.

But I remain,

To continue me.

I am immovable.

When everything I know leaves.

Only I remain.


Envy has always been our fallback emotion. But, persistent efforts will root it out.

If you’re a good speaker then learn to listen.

If you’re a good listener then learn to speak.

If you’re both a good speaker and a good listener then learn to lead.

If you aren’t good at both — be faithful to God and sleep.

Always choose sides properly. Those who hate you now for the wrong reasons can be win later. But those who hate you now for the right reasons can’t be win ever.

Books that weren’t assigned to me, and that I wasn’t obliged to get through. Where I have the joy to anticipate.

I want to buy and devour books by authors I loved, and to discover books by authors I wasn’t familiar with.

Namita Barthwal

The beauty of a human being lies in the humblest words.

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